Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC)
The National Park Service prepares a variety of planning and environmental documents to help guide management of park resources. Click here to visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park's Planning, Environment, and Public Comment (PEPC) website to learn more about current plans and projects.

What's new for Cuyahoga Valley National Park?

NPS Seeks Comment on Proposed Regulation for Off-Road Bicycle Trails
October 17 , 2014

The National Park Service (NPS) has proposed a special regulation (Proposed Rule) to designate and authorize off-road bicycle use on new trails constructed outside of developed areas in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, as evaluated in the Park's Final Trail Management Plan.

The Final Trail Management Plan evaluated approximately 10 miles of new, single-track, off-road bicycle trails in undeveloped regions of the park; 3.1 miles of new cross-country trails; and 1.35 miles of new connector, multi-use trails for bicycle use. NPS general regulation pertaining to bicycles requires promulgation of a special regulation to authorize bicycle use on new trails constructed outside of developed areas.

It is the policy of NPS, whenever practicable, to afford the public an opportunity to participate in the rulemaking process. Accordingly, the public may submit written comments, suggestions, or objections regarding this proposed rule.

Comments can be submitted online at through Monday, December 15, 2014. Search for "Cuyahoga Valley" to get to the rule and select the "Comment Now!" button. Comments will not be accepted over the phone, by fax, or email. However, written comments can be mailed to:

Superintendent, Cuyahoga Valley National Park
15610 Vaughn Road Brecksville, OH 44141.

For further information, contact Chris Ryan, Chief Ranger, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, at 440-546-5940.


NPS Releases Final White-tailed Deer Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for Cuyahoga Valley National Park
December 4, 2014
The purpose of the final plan/ Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is to develop a white-tailed deer management plan that supports long-term protection,preservation, and restoration of native vegetation and other natural and cultural resources in the park. The final plan/EIS evaluates four alternatives for the future management of white-tailed deer at the park.

The NPS has identified Alternative D as the preferred alternative. This alternative includes a combination of lethal and nonlethal actions. Sharpshooting and limited capture/euthanasia would be used initially to quickly reduce deer herd numbers.Then, population maintenance could be conducted either via nonsurgical reproductive control methods, if certain criteria are met, or by sharpshooting. Both of these population maintenance methods are retained as options in order to maintain maximum flexibility for future management.

Following a 30-day waiting period beginning on the date the EPA publishes a Notice of Availability in the Federal Register, the alternative or actions constituting the approved plan will be documented in a record of decision that will be signed by the Regional Director of the Midwest Region.

The final plan/EIS is available on the NPS Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC) website at: A limited number of hard copies are available at the park upon request. Please contact LisaPetit, PhD, Chief, Resource Management at 440-546-5970 or e-mail us with any questions.

Click here to download the FAQs in a pdf.

Trails Forever_200 size
TRAILS FOREVER is a multifaceted program that builds on existing strengths of Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP), the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and our volunteers. Its purpose is to ensure that CVNP has a top-quality trail system, in perpetuity, insulated from fluctuations in federal funding by a strong base of local support.
Click here to learn more about TRAILS FOREVER.

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