• View of the Great Rift

    Craters Of The Moon

    National Monument & Preserve Idaho

Things To Do

Craters of the Moon is a volcanic wonderland that is fun to explore. Below are some suggested itineraries based on the amount of time that you may have for a visit:

Start at the Visitor Center for informative exhibits, films and advice from staff. (15 min.)

*A Cave Permit is required before entering any cave on National Park Service lands. Obtain a permit at the Entrance Station, or the Visitor Center, to enter Indian Tunnel, Dew Drop, Beauty, Boy Scout or Buffalo Caves. All other caves are closed to recreational caving.



Additional 30 minutes:

  • Take in the view along the scenic 7 mile loop drive.

Additional 1 hour:

  • Hike the North Crater Flow trail, Spatter Cones and Devil's Orchard Trails.

Additional 2 hours:

  • Hike to Big Craters from the Spatter Cones parking lot.
  • Explore Indian Tunnel.*

1/2 day:

  • Hike the Broken Top Loop or Tree Molds Trails.

1 day (or longer):

  • Explore the Craters of the Moon Wilderness (Lava Trees and Echo Crater).

Did You Know?


In 1970 Craters of the Moon became one of the first areas in the National Park System to be designated as a federal Wilderness area. Craters of the Moon contains vast areas where visitors have an opportunity to experience the earth as it was. More...