• 18th century tents are set up in a lane.


    National Battlefield South Carolina

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Unit 1 - The National Park Service
Today, the National Park Service manages and preserves more than 375 parks nationwide. Sixteen of these parks are in the Carolinas.

Unit 2 - The Pre-Agricultural Landscape
Meet Morgan at the Cow Pens' must have echoed through the backcountry militia, and they did.

Unit 3 - Backcountry Lifestyles
Life was hard, and children were expected to help with daily chores.

Unit 4 - The War for American Independence
The lengthy war had been costly and the British Parliament looked to taxation to pay the war debts.

Unit 5 - The Southern Campaign
These mountaineers had been fighting Indians and were hunters, sharpshooters and fierce combatants.

Unit 6 - The Battle of Cowpens
"It is impossible to foresee all the consequences that this...event may produce." - Lord Cornwallis

Unit 7 - The Battle - The Human Element
"...the life of the common soldier - the ones who did the fighting - and those connected to the battle as non-combatants are equally important."

Did You Know?

John Eager Howard

Baltimore, Maryland is built on land once owned by Lieutenant Colonel John Eager Howard, Continental commander at the Battle of Cowpens.