• 18th century tents are set up in a lane.


    National Battlefield South Carolina

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Unit 1 - The National Park Service
Today, the National Park Service manages and preserves more than 375 parks nationwide. Sixteen of these parks are in the Carolinas.

Unit 2 - The Pre-Agricultural Landscape
Meet Morgan at the Cow Pens' must have echoed through the backcountry militia, and they did.

Unit 3 - Backcountry Lifestyles
Life was hard, and children were expected to help with daily chores.

Unit 4 - The War for American Independence
The lengthy war had been costly and the British Parliament looked to taxation to pay the war debts.

Unit 5 - The Southern Campaign
These mountaineers had been fighting Indians and were hunters, sharpshooters and fierce combatants.

Unit 6 - The Battle of Cowpens
"It is impossible to foresee all the consequences that this...event may produce." - Lord Cornwallis

Unit 7 - The Battle - The Human Element
"...the life of the common soldier - the ones who did the fighting - and those connected to the battle as non-combatants are equally important."

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