• 18th century tents are set up in a lane.


    National Battlefield South Carolina

Lesson Plans & Teacher Guides

The links above are for Cowpens National Battlefield's curriculum guide. The one below is for the National Park Service curriculum guide to the American Revolution.

Honored Places
The National Park Service Teacher's Guide to the American Revolution


The following lessons plans were developed by teachers attending a workshop on August 1 and 3, 2011.

3rd Grade Lesson Plans

Social Studies
Revolutionary War Timeline

Social Studies and English/Language Arts
Location, Location, Location


8th Grade Lesson Plans

Social Studies
Battle of Cowpens Webquest
Battle Diorama
The Southern Campaign, 1779 - 1781

SC History
Partisan Warfare
History and Technology

English/Language Arts
Battle of Cowpens Illustrated
Cowpens: A Battle Remembered
The Morgan and Tarleton Show

Did You Know?

Gunsmoke makes it difficult to tell which army is firing.

In the American Revolution, both the American and British armies wore bright colored uniforms so that they could help distinguish who they were shooting at through the gunsmoke.