• Coal Cargo Boat in the middle of the Canal being pulled by a mule team on the right hand side.

    Chesapeake & Ohio Canal

    National Historical Park DC,MD,WV

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Two people walking along the towpath at Widewater.

C&O Canal Towpath

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The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park is visited by over five million hikers, campers, bicyclists and history enthusiasts each year. Please be aware there is no main entrance into the park. Explore the links below or the navigation on the left to help you plan your exploration of the Park. You won't be able to visit the entire park in one day and there is something different to see at each site.

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A lockhouse situated next to the towpath surrounded by trees.
The towpath covers 184.5 miles along the Potomac River. The canal included 74 lift locks and numerous lockhouses
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