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  • Little Niagara Swimming Area Closed

    Due to low water flow in Travertine Creek, the Little Niagara and Panther Falls swimming areas are closed until further notice. The Little Niagara and Panther Falls picnic areas remain open.

Hiking and Walking Trails

Woman and child walking along a path in a forest
Hiking the Bison Pasture Trail.
NPS/E. Leonard

Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a place where natural beauty meets history in harmony. Meander along any of the hiking trails. They will offer you a delightful experience. In the same hike, you can view the intricate and artistic rock work done by the Civilian Conservation Corps, catch a glimpse of a beaver building a dam or a bison grazing on the prairie.

Water has always been the reason people are drawn to this area. Many of the park trails in the Platt Historic District hug the banks of the streams, pass by the cool rushing waterfalls, and encircle the mineral water and freshwater springs. In the Arbuckle District the trails offer panoramic views of Lake of the Arbuckles.

Trail descriptions will help you choose your route. The trails vary in length, difficulty, and scenery. Though wilderness backcountry hiking is not available, many natural settings are only minutes away from your vehicle. Sturdy tennis shoes are satisfactory on most trails; hiking shoes may be worn if preferred. Only major trails are described. There are many lesser-used side trails that connect the trails system and can be used to vary your route. Please do not create new shortcut trails.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area is an ecotone, or meeting place, where two different ecosystems overlap - the eastern deciduous forest and the mixed-grass prairie. Hikers, birdwatchers, and wildflower enthusiasts enjoy the variety this diverse ecosystem has to offer.

Did You Know?

The Travertine Nature Center

The Travertine Nature Center at Chickasaw National Recreation Area is built in a unique rock work design and sits on top of Travertine Creek offering visitors a relaxing view of the mix of water, stream, and forest. More...