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  • Fox Found at Chickasaw National Recreation Area Tested Positive for Rabies

    During the week of June 10, park rangers at Chickasaw National Recreation Area caught and euthanized a sick fox that subsequently tested for disease, and found to be infected with the rabies. More »


Bicycling through the Platt Historic District allows the bicyclist to see and hear some of the smaller wonders of the park from a more intimate viewpoint. A paved loop road and a variety of trails offer good experiences for riders of all types and abilities. Bicyclists must be cautious and aware of changing trail conditions and pedestrian traffic, but bicycling allows outstanding outdoor experience in the park, unobstructed by a windshield.


Share the Road
Bicyclists must share the roads with vehicles and obey all traffic laws. Traffic is sparse in the fall, winter, and spring months and highest during the summer season. Use extreme caution, especially on paved roads, during busy times. In order to protect the environment, off-road cycling is not allowed in the park. All bicycles must remain on paved and dirt roads or trails designated for bicycling.

Weather is pleasant much of the year and rewarding ride are possible most days of the year. Cycling from April to September is more of a challenge due to high temperatures; plan to take it easy when temperatures soar.

Did You Know?

CCC crew at work

Superintendent William Branch (served 1925-26, 1930-44, 1956-60) was so respected by the community that the Civilian Conservation Corps camp in Platt National Park was named "Camp Branch" in his honor.