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There are park alerts in effect.
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  • Warning to Boaters

    Chickasaw National Recreation area is warning all boat users to be cautious while boating on Lake of the Arbuckles due to low water levels in the lake. More »

  • Swimming Areas Closed

    Due to low water flow in Travertine Creek, the Little Niagara, Panther Falls, and Bear Falls swimming areas are closed until further notice. The Little Niagara and Panther Falls picnic areas remain open.

  • Eagle Bay Boat Launch Closed

    Due to low water in Lake of the Arbuckles, Eagle Bay Boat Launch is closed.

Park Superintendents

Two men standing next to an artesian well

National Park Service Director Stephen Mather and Superintendent Thomas Ferris at the nearby Belleview Well, October 1921.

National Park Service Historic Photograph Collection (HPC-000833)

Park Superintendents are responsible for the administration and management of individual park units.

The earliest superintendents of Platt National Park were appointed by, and answered to, the Secretary of the Interior. After 1916, park superintendents were career professionals with the newly established National Park Service.

1902-1903 Frank C. Churchill (Indian Service Inspector)
1903-1907 Joseph F. Swords
1907-1909 Albert R. Greene
1909-1913 William J. French
1913-1919 R. A. Sneed
1919-1923 Thomas Ferris
1923-1925 Robert G. Morris
1925 Forest L. Carter
1925-1926 William E. Branch
1926-1930 King Crippen
1930-1944 William E. Branch
1944-1951 Thomas Cal Miller
1951-1954 Perry E. Brown
1954-1956 William Supernaugh
1956-1960 William E. Branch
1961-1963 Johnwill Faris
1963-1964 Paul M. Steel
1964-1967 Donald M. Spalding
1967-1971 Jack E. Stark
1971-1979 John Higgins
1979-1981 Paul V. Wykart
1981-1988 John D. Linahan


Robert W. Peters
1994-1995 Pat McCrary
1995-1997 John Welch
1998-2001 Gerard Baker
2001-2003 Rick Shireman
2003-2006 Connie Rudd
2006-present Bruce Noble

Did You Know?

Structural drawing of the Lincoln Bridge

Completed in 1909, the Lincoln Bridge in the Platt Historic District [the former Platt National Park, 1906-1976] of Chickasaw National Recreation Area was built in the "Gothic Revival" architectural style. Complete with four turrets, the bridge remains an important landmark for visitors. More...