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Una Vida & Petroglyphs

Distant photo of Una Vida

Una Vida from trail.

Russ Bodnar

Una Vida & Petroglyphs
(1 mile roundtrip, allow 45 minutes)

Una Vida is a Chacoan “great house,” a large pre-planned multi-storied public building with distinctive masonry, formal earthen architecture, and a great kiva. Una Vida exists today in a near-natural state of preservation, free from major vandalism, and with only minor excavations and preservation repairs. A one-mile roundtrip (including petroglyphs) trail begins at the NE corner of the Visitor Center parking lot. Portions are rocky, steep, and slippery when wet. Take water and travel in small groups to lessen our impacts to this fragile site. You can download a pdf file of the Una Vida Trail guide here. (To get the Free Adobe Reader, which is required to read this pdf file, click here.)

Click here to see a wayside exhibit of Una Vida.

Photo of Una Vida with Fajada Butte in distance
Una Vida with Fajada Butte in distance
Russ Bodnar
Photo of petroglyphs above Una Vida
Petroglyphs on Una Vida trail.
Russ Bodnar

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