Pueblo del Arroyo

Photo of interior of Chetro Ketl

Pueblo del Arroyo

Pueblo del Arroyo
(1/4 mile, allow 30-45 minutes)

Located 5 1/2 miles from the visitor center on the 9-mile Canyon Loop Drive. The trail through Pueblo del Arroyo is 1/4 mile, roundtrip. It is graveled, and climbs several short, steep rises. Assistance is recommended for persons using wheelchairs. During your visit, you may use the guide to recognize several unique characteristics of Chacoan great house architecture and about the enduring legacy of Chacoan culture. Pueblo del Arroyo was planned and constructed in two short stages from about AD 1025 to AD 1125. Situated in the center of the Chacoan world, Pueblo del Arroyo typifies the great pueblo architecture found throughout the Chacoan world, although it lacks a great kiva and earthen mounds. You can see many of these great house elements along this trail.

Photo of Pueblo del Arroyo and South Gap

Pueblo del Arroyo and South Gap taken from Pueblo Alto trail.

Photo of Pueblo del Arroyo tri-wall

Pueblo del Arroyo tri-wall kiva

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