Petroglyph Trail

Photo of petroglyph along trail

Possible supernatural figure at stop 13 along trail.

Russ bodnar

Petroglyph Trail
(1/4 mile, allow 30 minutes)

If you are planning on visiting both Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Ketl, you may consider walking along the cliff face between the sites on the Petroglyph Trail. Trail guides are available at both ends of the trail. Take water and travel in small groups to lessen impacts to this fragile area. Bring binoculars to better view the high petroglyphs. Please stay on the designated trail, and do not climb the rocks
Photo of mountain lion petroglyph

Petroglyphs of bird and possible mountain lion at stop 10 along trail.

Russ Bodnar

Photo of interconnected spirals and petroglyphs

Interconnected spirals and petroglyphs at stop 11.

Russ Bodnar

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