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Hungo Pavi

Photo of Hungo Pavi with ancient stairway in background.

Hungo Pavi with stairway in distance

Russ Bodnar

Hungo Pavi
(1/4 mile roundtrip, allow 1/2 hour)

Located 2 miles from the visitor on the 9-mile loop drive. Hungo Pavi is an unexcavated Chacoan great house (monumental public building) containing over 150 rooms, a great kiva, and an enclosed plaza. It is a good example of what Chacoan sites look like without excavations--covered with a protective blanket of wind-blown sand and native vegetation. Travel in small groups to lessen our impacts to this fragile site. You can download a pdf file of the Hungo Pavi trail guide here. (To get the Free Adobe Reader, which is required to read this pdf file, click here.)

Photo of ancient stairway behind Hungo Pavi.
Stairway behind Hungo Pavi.
Russ Bodnar
Photo of backwall or Hungo Pavi
Back wall of Hungo Pavi
Russ Bodnar

Did You Know?

Photo of Richard Wetherill's coal mine

Richard Wetherill came to Chaco Canyon in 1896 and worked with the American Museum of Natural History. He operated a ranch and trading post there until his death in 1910. To keep warm during the frigid Chaco winters, Richard burned low-grade coal from a mine he constructed.