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Chetro Ketl

Photo of Chetro Ketl at sunset.

Chetro Ketl at sunset

Joseph Guy Kennedy

Chetro Ketl
(1/2 mile, allow about 45 minutes)

Located 4 1/2 miles from the visitor center on the 9-mile Canyon Loop Drive. The trail through Chetro Ketl is ½ mile, roundtrip. It is graveled, and climbs several short, steep rises, so assistance is recommended for people using wheel chairs. When you visit Chetro Ketl, you can use the trail guide to help you recognize characteristics of Chacoan architecture--features that are both typical and unique. Chetro Ketl is the second largest Chacoan great house. It covers more than 3 acres, and contains a great kiva and elevated kivas. As builders constructed second and third stories, they created an elevated plaza that stands 12 feet above the valley floor.

Photo of Cheto Ketl from mesa top
Chetro Ketl from the mesa top
Photo of Chetro Ketl at night
Chetro Ketl at night
Tyler Nordgren PhD

Did You Know?

Photo of Chaco Wash

The climate of Chaco Canyon 1,000 years ago was very similar to the climate in the park today, with annual precipitation of only eight to nine inches. The Puebloans constructed water control features like dams, canals, and headgates for farming in such a dry environment.