Casa Rinconada

Photo of T-shaped door in Casa Rinconada

T-shaped door at Casa Rinconada

Russ Bodnar

Casa Rinconada and SmallVillages
(1/2 mile, allow 30-45 minutes)

Located 6 miles from the visitor center on the 9-mile Canyon Loop Drive. The trail through Casa Rinconada and the nearby villages is ½ mile long, round trip. It is graveled, and climbs several short, steep rises, so assistance is recommended for people using wheelchairs. When you visit Casa Rinconada, you may use the trail guide to learn about the diverse types of Chacoan architecture and building styles, and the placement of these buildings in the Chacoan world. While the grand public buildings like Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Ketl were in use, smaller, more typical villages existed alongside. This trail will introduce you to the diversity of architecture that existed at the center of Chacoan culture.

Click here to see a wayside exhibit of Casa Rinconada. (To get the Free Adobe Reader, which is required to read this pdf file, click here.)

Bring water and carry protection from the sun.

Photo of wall of Casa Rinconada at sunrise

Possible summer solstice marker on interior wall of great kiva.

Russ Bodnar

Photo of floor of Casa Rinconada

Interior of great kiva.

Russ Bodnar

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