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Preservation Records Database (Records and Research)

Once preservation treatment is completed on the structures, the paper documentation (pre-treatment assessments, recording treatment materials and methods, before- and after- photographs), is entered into the CHCU Preservation Documentation Database. The database is a cooperative effort between Chaco Culture National Historical Park and the University of Virginia's Chaco Research Archives to utilize and preserve the long history of ruins stabilization accomplished here at Chaco.

The records entered into the database are a compilation of the routine preservation work, cyclic treatment, and emergency repairs completed each year by the preservation crew. Included are the pre-treatment conditions, treatment information, digital photographs, and details of work completed on each wall and in each room. The Preservation Documentation Database is a valuable tool for understanding the ancient architecture, providing information on:

  • How the ancient people constructed the monuments
  • How environmental conditions affected design and construction decisions
  • The long-term stability of the buildings
  • Effective methods and materials to preserved the integrity of the structures
  • Assuring the safety of visitors and staff who are exploring or working in the buildings

Did You Know?

Photo of Chaco Wash

Among their many accomplishments, the CCC camp at Chaco planted 80,000 trees and 80,000 shrubs at Chaco between 1939 and 1941. They also cut poles and surveyed 375 miles for telephone line, built 1018 small dikes to control erosion, and constructed 3.2 miles of entrance road. More...