• Three kayakers enjoying the river.

    Chattahoochee River

    National Recreation Area Georgia

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  • Rising River Waters Can Kill!

    Watch for rapidly rising river levels on the Chattahoochee River and its tributaries. Water released from dams and heavy rain can turn a day on the river into a tragedy! More »

  • Call for Water Release Schedule

    With colder temperatures you can expect longer and more frequent water releases. For water release schedule info, call 1-855-DAM-FLOW (1-855-326-3569) for Buford Dam and 404-329-1455 for Morgan Falls Dam. Save numbers to your cell! More »

Canada Goose

When threatened, the Canada Goose can become territorial.

The Canada Goose, Branta canadensis, is a very common sight along the Chattahoochee River corridor. These normally migratory birds have become a nuisance species because they are present year round and they strain the ecosystem. There are no natural predators for the Canada Goose, allowing populations to grow unchecked.

A negative result of their booming populations is a large amount of waste that ends up in the river and elevates bacteria levels.In fact, a full-grown goose can leave up to two pounds of waste per day. This would not be a problem if the geese were only here while migrating, but because they are present year round, their waste can lead to higher levels of fecal coliform in the river.

Did You Know?

Hickory Horned Devil

While many caterpillars make cocoons to molt into moths and butterflies, some, like the Hickory Horned Devil, bury themselves in the ground over the winter emerging in the Spring fully changed.