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The staff at Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area has developed several curriculum based lesson plans designed to allow teachers to bring the park to the classroom and the classroom to the park. Pre-visit, on-site, and post-visit activities for science and social studies lessons are available for download individually or as part of the lesson plan.

Other curriculum based materials have been designed to be used in conjunction with either a class visit to the park or a visit to your school by a park ranger. To schedule an on-site visit by a park ranger led school site program, contact the Education Specialist (678) 538-1243.

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  • Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area

    What Happens to the Water When We Brush and Flush?

    Teacher and students gathered around an Enviroscape learning about wastewater.

    Water from homes and businesses enters sewers or septic tanks through pipes. This wastewater is kept with other dirty water because it is unhealthy and must be kept away from our drinking water. This sewer water is sent to a water treatment plant where the unhealthy parts are removed. The water is then returned to the river sometimes cleaner than it was originally. This lesson raises real world concerns, guiding students to become better stewards of our environment.

    Lesson Plan
    Grade level:
    Third Grade-Ninth Grade
    water pollution, water treatment