• Cape Lookout Lighthouse from Barden Inlet

    Cape Lookout

    National Seashore North Carolina

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  • Hurricane Arthur Advisory #7

    Recovery continues following Hurricane Arthur. Long Point cabins 1-4 remain closed. All Great Island cabins are now open and all other areas of the park are open under normal operations. More »

Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Learn about the life cycle of loggerhead sea turtles, why they are threatened with extension, and what we can do to help save these amazing reptiles.



Sea Turtle Vocabulary

Clutch - group of eggs in a nest.

Hatchling - a turtule which has recently hatched out of an egg.

Predator - an animal that catches and eats another animal, called prey.

Yokeless or Spacer Eggs - eggs without the yellow yoke. The yoke is the part of the egg which turns into a hatchling.

Sargasso Sea - an area in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where the currents have deposited sea grasses, like sargassum.

Did You Know?

Male Fiddler Crab

If a male fiddler crab losses its large claw during a fight, its small claw will grow into a large claw and its missing claw will grow back as a small claw. Cape Lookout National Seashore