• Chimney Rock was an important emigrant landmark in western Nebraska


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Auto Tour Route - Colorado

Below the map are driving directions to follow the California National Historic Trail west through Colorado, from Nebraska and back to Nebraska.
Auto Tour Route driving directions across Colorado.
Auto Tour Route driving directions across Colorado.
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From western Nebraska through Julesburg, CO and westward toward Wyoming:

1. Take U.S. Route 138 west from Big Springs, NE through Julesburg, CO to U.S. Route 385.
2. Turn north onto U.S. Route 385 and follow into Nebraska to U.S. 30 west.

Total original route miles in Colorado: 16

Did You Know?

Gates of the Bear River, WY. Photo courtesy of The Wagner Perspective.

Rivers played an important role in establishing the 1840s - 1860s Emigrant Road to Oregon and California. In general, the route left the Missouri River to follow the Platte, then the Sweetwater to the Bear, the Snake and then either North to the Columbia or South to the Humboldt. More...