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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain a map and brochure for the California National Historic Trail?

Trail brochures may be obtained from a number of locations, including the National Trails System Office in Salt Lake City, Utah. The "Contact Us" link on the left navigation menu has information for writing or calling the office. Many museums and visitor centers along the trail also have these same brochures. The Links and Resources page will provide a sample of some of these sites along the trail.

Do you have educational materials for teachers?

The National Trails System Office has no educational staff. It is charged with administration of the trail and works with partner organizations and private land owners to preserve what trail resources remain and provide educational opportunities at those sites. There is a series of Auto Tour Route Interpretive Guides that are being developed on a state by state basis for travelers following the trail along those highways and roads that approximate the old trail route. These may be downloaded as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents from the link in the Plan Your Visit section of the site, or from state travel and tourism centers. These guides are a work in progress, so not all states have been completed.

Where can I find California Trail Passport Cancellation Stations for the California National Historic Trail?

There are several locations along this 2,000 mile historic route where you should find the NPS Passport cancellation stations. You will find a current list of these locations on the NPS Passports page of this web site. You may also call the Intermountain Region, National Trails System office in Salt Lake City, Utah, if you need further directions.

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