Current Interactive Beach Access Map using Google Earth

Google Earth is a virtual globe program that maps the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and GIS 3D globe. The viewer is available for free download at Google Earth. The product is designed for use on newer computers with broadband or higher levels of connection.

You can click on this updated daily beach access map link and zoom-in to the shoreline area in which you are interested to see the current access status. The color-coded "access line" indicates the status of shoreline access at the time the map was updated and is based on recent GPS coordinates of the actual shoreline. The underlying photo image is dated and may not accurately reflect the current location of the shoreline. Closure conditions may change in the field on short notice. On-site signage, rather than the Google Earth map, is the most accurate and current indication of what is open or closed to the public. Closed areas are clearly marked in the field with closure signs or "symbolic fencing" consisting of posts, closure signs, string and flagging tape. Knowledge of tidal changes and caution should be exercised while traveling the beaches of the park.

Please Note: As you close Google Earth, the program will ask you if you wish to save these items in My Places. To ensure that you continue to view the most current beach access map, select "Discard".

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