American Indian Arts & Music Fest

There is no 2015 American Indian Arts and Music Fest scheduled. We do, however, anticipate a Festival in 2016 and beyond.

There was an American Indian Arts and Music Fest at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument on Saturday and Sunday, February 9 and 10, 2013. This festive event celebrated the connection and continuity of prehistoric and current American Indian cultures through music and other arts. Visitors experienced a blend of prehistoric and modern Native American instrumentation, music and dance; they also observed American Indian crafters and artisans engaged in the production of traditional and contemporary cultural items (available for purchase). Authentic American Indian foods provided a tasty accompaniment to the rhythms of the past and the present.

Pets are NOT invited to the Festival. Please leave your beloved animal at home. The amount of people attending as well as the already stressed park resources has led to this request. Thank you.

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Over 35 different booths with anything from Sand Paintings to Bead Decorated arrows and lots of jewelry and flutes in between! Kids activities from puppet shows to flute painting and hands-on demonstrations.

Foods both traditional and comforting. From fry bread to tepary beans with a side of menudo thanks to 3 skilled vendors ready to fill you up.

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Highlights of the 2013 Arts Fest
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Highlights of the 2012 Arts and Music Fest
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Highlights of the 2011 Fest
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2009 was our first American Indian Music Fest.
It was a great program and such fun we decided to repeat the Festival each year.

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