• The Great House at Casa Grande Ruins stands out for miles

    Casa Grande Ruins

    National Monument Arizona

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  • Visitor Center Update

    The Visitor Center is OPEN! Major heating/cooling system work is done. Fees are being collected and passes are available.

2011 Music Fest

Here are some reminders of the 2011 American Indian Music Fest, all are PDF documents

2011 Performers Schedule
2011 Performers Biographies
2011 Flyer to Promote the Fest
2011 Exhibitors/Vendors at the Fest

Thank you all who performed, had a booth, or came to enjoy the American Indian Music Fest 2011


Did You Know?

The O'odham still conduct ceremonies at Casa Grande Ruins.

The Casa Grande Ruins are still used today for ceremonies and special events by the O’odham people. The Casa Grande is a place to be visited with respect and reverence.