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Snakes and Fish of the Sonoran Desert

A pair of coachwhip snakes.

A pair of coachwhip snakes.

Courtesy: Karen Munroe

When most people think of snakes in the desert, they think of Rattlesnakes . Most snakes are active during the warm months. Some are nocturnal, and some are more active during the day. Some desert snakes are venomous while others are constrictors like the gopher snake . Snakes eat all sorts of different things. Rattlesnakes eat mostly rodents, but coachwhip snakes will climb trees or cactus to eat eggs from bird nests.

There are even fish in the desert! The desert pupfish and Gila topminnow only live in the Sonoran desert


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Did You Know?

Examples of pendants created and traded by the Hohokam

The ancient Sonoran Desert people made shell jewelry bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. Some of the jewelry was inlaid with turquoise, others had designs etched into the surface. The shells were acquired from as far away as the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California.