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Your Dollars At Work

Your Dollars Make a Big Difference

Did you know that when you come to Cabrillo National Monument, 80% of your entrance fee stays right here to fund projects to improve visitor use and enjoyment, education, safety, and preservation of the park?

We've done a lot with your entrance fees - take a look at some recent and upcoming projects that show your dollars at work.

Old Point Loma Lighthouse and Assistant Keepers Quarters
The grounds surrounding the Old Point Loma Lighthouse were rehabilitated, including the removal of non-native species and planting natives such as buckwheat, prickly pear cactus, and encelia.  The project enables the area to look more like what it did back in the 1880s, when the lighthouse was in its heyday.
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Copper roof on comfort station
A new copper roof was installed on the comfort station that stands just to the west of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, to replace the original copper roof installed in 1935 by the Work Projects Administration (WPA).
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Tidepools at Cabrillo National Monument
"On the Edge of Land and Sea," a new tidepool film, was developed and produced and is now shown daily in the Auditorium.  The film is an outstanding introduction to the rocky intertidal zone of Cabrillo National Monument, regarded as the best protected tidepool area on the southern California coast.  
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Entrance Station at Cabrillo National Monument
To enable a more safe and efficient operation, a new Entrance Station was constructed.  Here, you can pay entrance fees and purchase park passes, such as the Golden Age Passport and National Park Pass.
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Concrete walkway to Radio Station exhibit building.
Deteriorating concrete walks were replaced from the entrance sign to Ocean View Parking Area, through the myoporum grove on up to the Radio Station Exhibit Building, shown here.
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Exhibit Room at Cabrillo National Monument
Modifications were made to the old exhibit room in the Visitor Center complex, to prepare it for improved educational and interactive exhibits.  The new exhibit room more effectively tells the story of "Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and the Age of Exploration."
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Solar panels on lower Maintenance building at Cabrillo National Monument
To cut energy costs and save utility dollars, solar panels were installed on the roof of the Lower Maintenance Building.  The panels produce 15 kW of electricity, enough to power both the Lower Maintenance Building and the adjacent Museum Storage Building. 
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Museum Storage Facility at Cabrillo National Monument
One of the park's many responsibilities is caring for the historic and cultural objects entrusted to our care.  This new Museum Storage Building, with climate-controlled and pest-free storage rooms and plenty of office and and work space, enables us to preserve and store these objects in the best manner possible.
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