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    Buck Island Reef

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Plan Your Visit

With plenty of opportunity for adventure, Buck Island is a great place to visit. To access the island or reef, you will need a boat. Six National Park Service contracted concessionaires offer trips to Buck Island form St. Croix. If you wish to moor your private vessel at Buck Island permit applications are available at the National Park Service visitor contact station at Fort Christianvaern in downtown Christiansted.

Whether this is your first time to Buck Island Reef NM or you come here frequently, please take some time to familiarize yourself with this particular Park's Regulations.

Thank you.

Did You Know?

Hawksbill Sea Turtle hatchling makes its way to the sea

Buck Island Reef National Monument is a critical nesting habitat for the hawksbill, green, and leatherback sea turtles. The monument also serves as a feeding and developmental habitat for young turtles that settle into the reef and sea grass environment after their open sea-phase.