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An Anchoring Permit is REQUIRED for all private vessels visiting Buck Island Reef National Monument. Permit applications are available at the Christiansted National Historic Site, Visitor Center at Ft. Christiansvaern.

You may download the Permit Application Form.

As a private vessel you are responsible to be aware of the Park Rules and Regulations, Park Boundaries, and the different activities permitted within the Park. You can download the regulations, here.

Completed materials can be presented to the Visitor Contact area at Ft. Christiansvaern or FAX to: (340)-719-1793 Attention: Law Enforcement

Please be advised that permit processing takes up to five (5) business days. Please plan your trip to Buck Island accordingly.

Did You Know?

Coral Reef Damage Caused by Hurrican Hugo in 1989

Worldwide, coral reefs are fast disappearing. They are slow-growing and vulnerable to pollution, sedimentation, overfishing, warming of the seas, and boat damage. Because corals thrive only in a narrow range of conditions, biologists see their plight as a planetary danger signal.