• Colonial Boston Map, Faneuil Hall and the Charlestown Navy Yard skyline


    National Historical Park Massachusetts

Getting Around

Boston is a walking city and most historic sites are within a short walk of one another. The Freedom Trail, a red brick line along the sidewalk, connects most of the sites in the park.

Points of interest, hotels and retail areas are accessible on foot or by the MBTA subway (T). Water transportation runs frequently between downtown Boston (Long Wharf) and the Charlestown Navy Yard. Several commercial parking garages are located in downtown Boston near the Freedom Trail sites and in the Charlestown Navy Yard.


Did You Know?

Boston Tea Party from Library of Congress Collection

Did you know that not until 1835 did folks start referring to the event of December 16, 1773 as "The Boston Tea Party?" For the previous 62 years, the event had been called just what it obviously was, "The Destruction of The Tea.