• Glowing sunset view from overlook - Photo by Jason Barnett Photography

    Big South Fork

    National River & Recreation Area KY,TN

Plan Your Visit

Welcome to Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Established in 1974, Big South Fork was designated as both a National Recreation Area and a National River. The National Recreation Area designation was deemed appropriate due to the area's proximity to a large number of metropolitan areas and the potential the area exhibited for outdoor recreational activities. While still managing Big South Fork in such a manner as to protect the area's natural and cultural resources, the park is also managed in a way which will provide visitors with the opportunity to engage in a wide range of healthy outdoor recreational activities.

What ever type of outdoor recreation you enjoy, chances are Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, has a place you can do it. The hardest part of your visit may be deciding which trail, overlook, historic site, natural feature or program to try next!

Some of the most popular recreational activities available at Big South Fork include

While this information will aid in planning your visit to Big South Fork, it is recommended you stop by one of the park's two visitor centers to obtain all the details needed for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Park Newspaper: Read up on possible activities before you arrive.

Did You Know?

Cumberland sandwort

Cumberland sandwort is one of several species of threatened and endangered plants found throughout Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Cumberland sandwort only grows in the dry sandy soils of certain rockshelters found in and around Big South Fork.