• Big Hole National Battlefield, Wisdom Montana

    Big Hole

    National Battlefield Montana

Things To Do

Visitor Center

The park's visitor center offers museum exhibits, a film, and a book sales area. The award winning film Weet'uciklitukt: There's No Turning Back, Battle at Big Hole provides an introduction to the Nez Perce War of 1877 and the tragedy that took place here. The film is shown throughout the day and is closed captioned.

Viewing Deck

The outside observation deck provides an opportunity to explore the battlefield year round. Viewing scopes provide excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing.

To schedule the Battlefield's Sign Language Interpreter please notify the park ahead of time by e-mail to e-mail us



JUNE 28-29th – JOSIAH PINKHAM & ALLEN V.PINKHAM SR.-Josiah will discuss NezPerce story telling, history and culture. Allen, (co-author with Dr. SteveEvans of the newly published book "Lewis and Clark among the Nez Perce"),willdiscuss his book.

JULY 5-6th – VIVIAN WILSON- Vivian will talk about"Cradleboards". The construction, purpose and evolution of them.

JULY 12-13th – LEROY SETH & SILAS WHITMAN- Leroy tells of the "HistoricalPerspectives of Pow-Wow as a Native Art Form" and Silas discusses the "TraditionalUse and Access of Natural Resources for the Nez Perce People."

JULY 19-20th –NAKIA WILLIAMSON-Nakia's topic is "NezPerce Traditional Knowledge and Ecology"

JULY 26-27th – MICHAEL JOHNSON & SHAWNA GAVIN- The always fun andpopular "Stickgame" returns, along with the art of weaving. Many beautiful wovenitems to view.

AUGUST 2-3rd- BESSIE BLACKEAGLE- "Nimipuutimt-The Nez Perce Language" from a young Nez Perceperspective.

AUGUST 9th-10th ANNUAL COMMEMORATION/MIKE PENNEY AND NEZPERCE NATION DRUM-Honor those who fought and died here in 1877 and pay tributeto those who survived.Drum and song with Nez Perce Nation Drum follow the137th Commemoration of the 1877 events. (Nez Perce NationDrum will also perform Saturday at 7p.m. at the May Creek Campground and againon Sunday at noon at the Big Hole National Battlefield Visitor Center.)

AUGUST 16-17TH – BOB BROWN "Major Charles Rawn,the Frontier Army, and the Nez Perce War of 1877"A first person accountof Major Rawn, a participant in the 1877 conflict.

Unless otherwisestated, presentations are Saturday and Sunday at noon and 3p.m. at Big HoleNational Battlefield Visitor Center. Big Hole National Battlefield is located10 miles west of Wisdom, Montana on Highway 43. May Creek is located 17 mileswest of Wisdom on Highway 43. For more information call (406) 689-3155.

Did You Know?

The Nez Perce camp site along the North Fork of the Big Hole river.

Big Hole Battlefield became a National Monument in 1910. In 1933 the battlefield was added to the National Park service system. It remains sacred ground to the Nez Perce people to this day.