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  • Extreme Water Shortage

    Extreme water shortage throughout park. Visitors are limited to 5 gallons per day, and are encouraged to conserve further when possible. Please consider bringing your own water to the park.

Primitive Roadside Campsites— Glenn Springs Road

Glenn Springs Draw
Glenn Springs Draw
NPS Photo/Big Bend National Park

Glenn Springs Road 16-mile (26km)
This road skirts the eastern slopes of the Chisos, and leads to the Glenn Springs Historic Site. As it descends from Glenn Springs to the River Road, it generally becomes smoother. Glenn Springs road is also the access for Pine Canyon, Juniper Canyon, and Black Gap roads.

Pine Canyon Road 4 miles (6km)
Pine Canyon road provides access to the Pine Canyon trailhead. Five primitive roadside campsites are located along this road.

Black Gap Road 8.5 miles (14km)
This road connects Glenn Springs Road with River Road. This road is not maintained, and 4-wheel drive is required at all times. Two primitive roadside campsites are along the Black Gap road—Glenn Springs 1 (GS-1) and Elephant Tusk 1 (EL-1).

Juniper Canyon Road 5 miles (8km)
This road is rocky and and usually requires 4-wheel drive. The road leads to the Juniper Canyon Trail and Dodson Trail junction.Two primitive roadside campsites are located along the Juniper Canyon road—Robbers Roost 1 (RR-1) and Twisted Shoe 1 (TS-1).

Did You Know?

Rosillos Mountains

The Harte Ranch section of the North Rosillos Mountains was added to Big Bend National Park in 1987. Property owners Houston H. Harte and Edward H. Harte donated the 67,000 acre ranch to the Texas Nature Conservancy in 1985 with the understanding that it would eventually become part of the park.