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Primitive Roadside Campsite— Ernst Basin

Ernst Basin Primitive Roadside Campsite
Ernst Basin Primitive Roadside Campsite
NPS Photo/Big Bend National Park
Campsite Specifics
Ernst Basin (EB-1) can accommodate 2 vehicles, 10 people, no horses.
Ernst Basin (EB-1) is located along the Old Ore Road, 10 miles from the southern end and 16.4 miles from the northern end. Willow Tank campsite (WT-1) is 0.1 mile north of EB-1.
Road Conditions
Old Ore Road is maintained for high clearance vehicles only. Following rains and heavy use, the road becomes very rutted and requires 4-wheel drive. Always ask a park ranger for current road conditions.
There is no shade at EB-1. Common plants are yucca, creosote, candelilla, and lechuguilla. The campsite is protected on the north side by a low hill.
Good views of the Chisos Mountains and the Deadhorse Mountains.
Javelina frequent this area due to the water. Keep coolers and all food in your vehicle, including trash.

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