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Primitive Roadside Campsite— Candelilla

Candelilla Primitive Roadside Campsite
Candelilla Primitive Roadside Campsite
NPS Photo/Big Bend National Park
Campsite Specifics
Candelilla (CA-1) can accommodate 2 vehicles, 8 people, no horses.
Candelilla (CA-1) is located along the Old Ore Road, 1.1 miles from the southern end near Rio Grande Village, or 25.4 miles from the Dagger Flat Auto Trail. This small cul-de-sac campsite is at the end of a 0.1 mile access road.
Road Conditions
Old Ore Road is maintained for high clearance vehicles only. Following rains and heavy use, the road becomes very rutted and requires 4-wheel drive. Always ask a park ranger for current road conditions.
There is no shade at this campsite. Sparse groundcover includes creosote, candelilla, lechuguilla, and prickly pear cactus.
This site has good views of surrounding low desert hills and the Deadhorse Mountains to the northeast.

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