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For Kids

Kids living the life of a 1840's soldier. 
Kid's Quarters gives 7-11 year olds the chance to perform hands-on work of the 1840's soldier, craftsman, laborer, cook, trapper, and trader. 
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Kid's Quarters July 12, 2014 FULL - taking names for a "Standby List" at (719) 383-5026
The event provides seven to eleven year old children the chance to "step back in time" and learn skills of the 1800's. Children are split into groups of trappers, traders, laborers, blacksmiths and carpenters, Indians, and soldiers. Adult living history historians guide the children through normal life and work routines of the 1840's fur trading post.

Junior Ranger Program
The children must complete selected parts of the Bent's Old Fort Junior Ranger booklet.

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