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  • Access by Shuttle Bus Only

    Through October 27, 2014 all access to the most visited part of the park, Frijoles Canyon, will be via a mandatory shuttle bus from the nearby community of White Rock from 9 AM - 3 PM daily. Private cars may drive in before 9 AM or after 3 PM. More »

Frijolito Loop Trail

view of San Miguels

Frijolito Loop Trail passes through the Pinon-Juniper woodland and offers expansive views of the surrounding area.

Photo by Sally King

Frijolito Loop Trail begins in Cottonwood Picnic Area, just across the bridge and a short walk to the right from the temporary visitor center. The trail climbs out of Frijoles Canyon via a steep switchback path, crosses the mesa past an unexcavated archeological site (Frijolito Pueblo) and then drops back into Frijoles Canyon on the Long Trail. Total distance is 2.5 miles. This trail is fairly strenuous and can be extremely icy in winter. There is no water available anywhere on this route.

juniper titmouse
Birds like the Mountain Chickadee, Juniper Titmouse, and Blue-gray Gnatcatcher are common in the Pinon-Juniper woodland.
NPS Photo by Sally King
frijolito tarantula 9
Tarantulas are commonly seen on the Frijolito Loop Trail in autumn, especially October, when males are searching for a mate.
photo by sally king

Did You Know?

Tarantula Hawk

Tarantula hawk hatchlings feed on the still living body of a tarantula captured by their mother. The mother tarantula hawk must fight the tarantula and then drag it to a burrow where she deposits an egg.