Today people visit Arches for the views and trails. Those who came before sought many other things: wealth, adventure, solitude, or a home. Learn more about a handful of characters in the human story of Arches.


Prehistoric People
Countless generations of native Americans crossed these sandstone landscapes.


Traders & Settlers
Others came in pursuit of pelts, ore, scientific knowledge, and good grazing lands.


Park Founders
How a local newspaper editor and a local doctor teamed up to create one of the country's most popular national parks.


Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Like many NPS units, Arches benefitted from the hard work of the Civilian Conservation Corps.


Bates Wilson
Arches was transformed by this former superintendent.


Edward Abbey
This author gave a voice to the desert, through not all agree with what he said.


Arch Hunters
Who mapped most of the park's namesake features?

Did You Know?