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    Allegheny Portage Railroad

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

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    Please be aware that part of the public area loop has been closed until further notice as the park starts preparatory efforts for this summer's paving project on the Picnic Area Road.

Trading Cards

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Jarena Lee

Jarena Lee was the first female African Methodist Episcopal (AME) preacher and and early 19th century civil rights activist. Driven by faith and courage, she traveled thousands of miles by foot, wagon, and via the Allegheny Portage Railroad and Mainline Canal to attract members and financial support for new AME congregations.


A Portage to Freedom

The Allegheny Portage Railroad was used by people escaping slavery. In 1855, Jacob Green, a freedom seeker from Virginia, was spotted on the Railroad by slave catcher James Parsons, Jr. Parsons attempted to capture Green but was instead arrested on kidnapping charges. Parsons' trial showed how Pennsylvania and Virginia had different laws about slavery.


Did You Know?

drawing of the South Fork Dam

The dam at South Fork, PA, that broke causing the Johnstown Flood of 1889 was originally built for the Mainline Canal System. The Allegheny Portage Railroad was an important part of the Mainline, so the stories are interconnected.