• Photo of Lemon House, Level #6, and Engine House on a beautiful summer day.

    Allegheny Portage Railroad

    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

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    Please be aware that part of the public area loop has been closed until further notice as the park starts preparatory efforts for this summer's paving project on the Picnic Area Road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When are the train rides?

A. You are over 150 years too late! There are no working engines on the Allegheny Portage Railroad today. We do have models of a locomotive and a stationary engine, but they are not working models.

Q. Why don't you rebuild more of the Allegheny Portage Railroad?

A. Much of the right-of-way is unavailable. Cost is a big factor too, as would be safety.

Q. How does the Allegheny Portage Railroad connect to the Pennsylvania Railroad?

A. The Pennsylvania Railroad bought the Portage but did not use most of the old Portage route. They did, however, 'recycle' track and other materials.

Q. What years was the Allegheny Portage Railroad in operation?

A. Generally, 1834 to 1854 for the old Portage Railroad. There was a short time of operation for a New Portage Railroad but it was less than 4 years.

Q. How long did it take to travel from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia during the days of the Mainline Canal?

A.3-5 DAYS

Q. How much did a ticket cost?

A. 8 to 12 dollars depending on the company

Q. How did the Allegheny Portage Railroad get its name?

A. It was a railroad to carry (portage) canal boats over the mountains of central Pennsylvania (Allegheny Mountains).

Did You Know?

Viaduct in 1885 before the great Johnstown Flood

The Conemaugh Viaduct was used by trains even after the Portage Railroad closed. The Johnstown Flood of 1889 washed the original viaduct away, but a replacement was completed within 3 days of the flood.