• Views from Penobscot Mountain summit.


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  • Trail Closures: Peregrine Falcon Nesting

    Precipice Cliff, Valley Cove, and Jordan Cliff areas are closed to all public entry until further notice for peregrine falcon nesting season. More »

  • Cultural Connections programs rescheduled for 7/16/2014 due to weather

    Ash Log Pounding demo will take place today 11 am-3 pm at the Abbe Museum downtown (26 Mount Desert St, Bar Harbor). The Burnurwurbskek Singers have been rescheduled to perform on Cadillac Summit next Wed, July 23 at 11 am.

Educational Fee Waivers

Educational fee waivers are granted to educational institutions whose curriculum relates specifically to the resources in Acadia National Park.


Fee Waiver Information

National Park Service regulations allow school groups and other approved national and international academic institutions to obtain a waiver of park entrance fees, provided the visit is for educational or scientific purposes, and the resources or facilities that the group intends to use support those purposes.

Educational fee waivers are not automatically granted. Applicant groups must demonstrate that they qualify for the waiver. There are three requirements (listed below) that the group must meet to qualify for an educational fee waiver: eligibility, educational purpose, and relevancy of park resources or facilities.

Eligibility Applicants must prove they are an academic or scientific institution.
Relevance Applicants must provide a written explanation identifying the park resources and/or facilities that will be used to support the educational purpose of the visit, and how they are relevant to that purpose.
Educational Purpose Applicants must provide a written statement confirming that the visit supports a specific curriculum for which academic credit is offered.

Entrance fee waivers are granted only if the above three criteria are met.

If the group is on a commercial tour, the applicant must state how the tour supports the curriculum. Groups that do not qualify for an educational fee waiver will be charged the appropriate entrance fee and may be considered as a Non-Commercial Organized Group. Click here for more information.



Please send completed applications along with the required documentation to the Fee Management Office at Acadia National Park at acad_fee_waivers@nps.gov or mailed/faxed to the address below.

For a copy of the Fee Waiver Application, click here.

All applications must be received within two weeks prior to anticipated trip.

Acadia National Park
Attn: Fee Management Office
P.O. Box 177
Bar Harbor, ME 04609-0177

207-288-8792 (fax)

Groups planning science education activities during their visits must adhere to specific rules governing such activities.

Did You Know?

From atop Cadillac Mountain, the sun is just starting to rise over the Porcupine Islands.

Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park is the tallest mountain along the eastern coast of the United States. During certain times of the year, it is the first place in the U.S. to see sunrise.