David Moses Bridges

David Moses Bridges with a birchbark canoe he built.


The Wabanaki
Native American peoples have inhabited the land we now call Maine for 12,000 years. Click here to learn more about the Wabanaki's long history and diverse culture. Ethnography: Asticou's Island Domain: Wabanaki Peoples at Mount Desert Island, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

George B Dorr

George B Dorr.


George B. Dorr
Known as the father of Acadia National Park, Dorr spent most of his adult life bringing the park into being, caring for the park, and expanding it. To learn more about his contributions to the area, click here.

Charles W Eliot

Charles W Eliot at Jordan Pond.


Charles W. Eliot
Inspired by his son's passions and fueled by a love of the land, Eliot helped create Acadia National Park. To learn more about his contributions, click here.

Rock Cairn Bates

This four-rock cairn was named after Bates.

NPS/Todd M. Edgar

Waldron Bates
On a giant boulder at junction of Gorham Mountain and Cadillac Cliffs Trails is a commemorative bronze plaque that is passed by three or four hundred hikers every summer day. To learn more about to whom this plaque is dedicated and why, click here.

Historic Trustees of Public Reservations

Early path committees helped shape Acadia National Park.

H.W. Gleason

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