In General

All plants, animals, and archeological objects are protected by federal law. There are substantial fines for disturbance, damage, and removal.

This is dry country. Always carry water with you and in your vehicle. Drink before you get thirsty, and watch for signs of heat exhaustion.


On the Trail

Please stay on designated trails to protect yourself and prevent damage to fragile resources.

Watch your step. Rocks are sharp, brittle, and unstable. Cinders can be slippery. Falling on either surface is an unpleasant experience.


On the Road

Park roads are narrow and winding with soft shoulders. Stop only on designated pullouts. Pay attention to the temperature—summer heat can make closed vehicles dangerously hot.

Reduced speed limits are enforced for the protection of pedestrians and wildlife. Please watch for both.


Weather, Wildlife, and Wildfires

Storms can arise quickly. If there is lightning, take cover in a building or in your vehicle. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is a good place to learn more about lightning safety.

All park wildlife is wild. (That's why we call it wildlife.) Keep your distance. If an animal changes its behavior because of you, you are too close!

Fire danger can be high any time of year, even in the rainy season. Stay informed of local conditions and fire restrictions, and always properly dispose of cigarettes in ashtrays.

Last updated: March 19, 2015

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