Two accessible parking spaces at the visitor center.
Two accessible (one van) parking spaces are available at the Wupatki Visitor Center with a curb ramp to the sidewalk.


All but one of the trails in Wupatki National Monument are at least partially accessible. Work is being done on the remaining trail to Lomaki Pueblo to create an accessible path to those sites as well. Interpretive trail signs are mounted on ADA rated frames. Leashed service animals are welcome in buildings and on trails. (Emotional support animals do not currently qualify as service animals under ADA regulations, please visit the NPS Service Animals page for more information.)

The Wupatki Visitor Center has several accessibility features including:

  • Designated parking spaces, one van accessible
  • Two curb ramps as entry points to the paved sidewalk leading up to the building. These are located on both sides of the parking lot.
  • Accessible approach to wheelchair friendly picnic tables
  • A park film with closed captioning
  • Braille and large text versions of the park brochure (available upon request)
  • Automatic entry and exit doors to the main visitor center building (Note that the restroom doors are not automatic but accessible stalls are available.)

Accessibility features of the visitor center exterior. Paved sidewalks to pueblo, picnic areas, and restrooms.
Visitor Center Exterior Features


Visitor Center Exterior

  • A paved sidewalk leads to two wheelchair friendly picnic tables about a 30 foot distance from the accessible parking spaces.
  • Access to the Wupatki Pueblo trail is rated accessible for about 200 feet up to the overlook.
  • Approach to the restrooms is a hallway with a flagstone surface. (family restrooms are not available)

Left to right, paved sidewalk to Wupatki Pueblo overlook, concrete to compacted granite transition at overlook point, wheelchair turnaround point, and non-accessible steep grade on back loop of trail.
Views of the Wupatki Pueblo trail left to right: Paved approach to the overlook, overlook transition to compacted granite, wheelchair turnaround, and steep grade section behind the pueblo.


Wupatki Pueblo Trail (located behind the visitor center)

  • Accessible from the visitor center to the overlook point (a distance of about 200 feet).
  • The remainder of the trail is a compacted decomposed granite srurface which is wheelchair friendly but not rated accessible due to grade.
  • There are several flights of stairs at the beginning of the loop down to the main section of the pueblo on the right. Stairs can be avoided by following the loop clockwise, however there is a steep grade on the trail behind the pueblo. The wheelchair turnaround is just prior to the section with a steep grade.
The Citadel and Nalakihu trail is accessible up to the base of the cinder hill with a compacted decomposed granite surface.
The Citadel and Nalakihu Trail


The Citadel and Nalakihu Trail

  • Accessible up to the base of the cinder hill with a compacted decomposed granite surface.
  • The parking lot is parallel to the road with an entrance/exit on both sides. There are 7 single car spaces, 2 accessible spaces, and 5 oversize vehicle spaces available.
The Wukoki Pueblo trail is accessible up to the base of the cinder hill with a compacted decomposed granite surface.
Wukoki Pueblo Trail


The Wukoki Pueblo Trail

  • Accessible up to the base of the structure with a compacted decomposed granite surface.
  • The parking lot is a one way loop with 10 single vehicle spaces, 1 van accessible space, and 2 RV/Commercial bus spaces.
  • There is a flight of steps with a handrail leading up to the pueblo structure.
  • The loop trail around the base of the pueblo is a combination of loose cinders and steep slopes up rock faces.

A box canyon pueblo on a cliff above with a rough gravel trail below.
A Box Canyon pueblo on a high ridge with the trail down below.


Lomaki and Box Canyon Pueblo Trails

This trail is not currently accessible. It is a rough gravel surface with steep grades. Work is currently being done to create a new path which will be accessible to Lomaki and one of the Box Canyon Pueblos.

Last updated: June 3, 2024

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