Henry Stanton

Henry Brewster Stanton and Elizabeth Cady were married on May 1, 1840 in Johnstown, New York.

As a student at the Lane Seminary, Stanton became an accomplished abolionist lecturer and organizer of the Liberty Party. He was a member of the New York Anti-Slavery Society. He was on the Executive Committee (Financial Manager) of the American Anti-Slavery Society from 1836-1840. He was involved with the Liberty Party after he and Elizabeth Cady Stanton returned from London in 1840 and he joined the Free Soil Party in the late 1840s. Both organizations were third parties formed in opposition to slavery. Like his contemporaries, Stanton started out believing that slavery was a moral issue, but by the late 1830s, he became convinced that slavery was a creature of the law and could only be ended through political means.

In 1840 the newly-wed Henry and Elizabeth Cady Stanton traveled to London, England to attend the World's Anti-Slavery Convention, where he was

a delegate. It was here that Elizabeth first met Lucretia Mott.

When the Stantons returned to the U.S. they started a family, and lived in Johnstown, NY and Boston, MA before moving to Seneca Falls.

Henry was a New York State Senator (1849-1851), patent lawyer, temperance advocate, organizer/lecturer for the Republican Party, and deputy collector at the Custom House in New York City, in the decades between 1840 and the end of the Civil War in 1865.

In later years, Henry Stanton worked as a journalist for the New York Sun.

Henry Stanton died in 1887.

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