Where is the New Doan Creek

Ariel view of Whitman Mission National Historic Site. Location of new streambed highlighted in green.
The park's visitor center is the white building in the foreground. Behind the Visitor Center is a green lawn and then a hill. To the left (north) of the hill are railroad tracks. The original channel of Doan Creek was just south of those tracks (area with tracks highlighted with green box). Within park boundaries water from the irrigation channel part of Doan Creek maintains the historic mill pond and historic irrigation ditches and also provides water to downstream users. The curving line of green vegetation at the base of the hill shows the location of part of that ditch.


Close-up of area shown in green box. Railroad tracks can be seen.
The railroad tracks are in the center of this photo. The original Doan Creek channel was just south of those tracks.


College students plant alder and willow stakes along new creek bed.
College students plant stakes of willow and alder along new creek bed in 2007. Railroad tracks can be seen in the background.


Last updated: March 1, 2015

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