Lafayette Park Paver Rehabilitation

Beginning in April 2018, a private contractor will work on the grounds of Lafayette Park (which is north of the White House) to reset brick pavers used for pedestrian traffic. The contractor will locate broken, cracked and chipped bricks throughout the park and replace them as needed. They will also permanently remove some bricks to make more room for large tree's roots.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How will this affect my ability to exercise my First Ammendment rights?
    • Since the contractor will only be closing small areas of Lafayette Park at a time, the work will not stop people from exercising their right to free speech or obtaining a permit for First Amendment activities. For more information on First Amendment activities, read about Permits & Reservations.
  2. How large of an area will the contractor work on?
    • The contractor will replace about 7000 square feet of bricks throughout Lafayette Park.
  3. When will the paver rehabilitation be done?
    • We expect the project to be done in summer 2018.
  4. How will the work affect my visit to Lafayette Park and the White House?
    • The project will not stop you from visiting Lafayette Park or the White House, but you may have to walk around small closures.
  5. What will the work look like?
    • The contractor will post signs and put up chain link fence around work areas. To avoid tripping on loose bricks or in areas where paving bricks are removed, please do not enter the closed areas.

Last updated: April 10, 2018

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