Photo of a concrete walking path surrounded by snow with a dark red horse stable visible in the background.
1872 horse stable on a snowy day.

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Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site invites you to explore the historic property known as White Haven. Before you visit, please read the following to make your visit a safe one.

General Safety

  • Limestone paths and wooden ramps throughout the site have irregular surfaces and may become slippery when wet.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Summers in St. Louis are hot and humid. Drink plenty of fluids during hot summer weather.
  • Always lock your vehicle and stow any valuables out of site.
  • Do not climb on trees, stone walls, or fences.
  • This is a native habitat for bees, wasps, poison ivy and poison oak. Avoid interaction with these as much as possible by not swatting at flying insects and staying on sidewalks.
  • Because much of your visit is outside, pay attention to the weather and seek shelter immediately in case of lightning or thunderstorms. The Visitor Center is a tornado and weather shelter.
  • Animals in the park such as squirrels and birds are somewhat accustomed to people. However they are still wild animals and should not be petted, fed, or harassed.

Tour Safety

  • Due to the age and building methods used to construct White Haven, floors and steps inside the home may be uneven. Please watch your step.
  • Tours will be canceled in the event of lightning, thunder, and tornado watches/warnings.
  • A 75 yard walk is required from the Visitor Center to the White Haven home. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Please dress according to the weather forecast.
  • Exterior stairs may be become slippery when wet or icy. Please use handrails and caution when entering and exiting the home.

Last updated: October 26, 2019

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