Bricks and Peanuts

In 1881, Booker T. Washington arrived in Alabama and started building Tuskegee Institute both in reputation and literally brick by brick.  He recruited the best and the brightest to come and teach here including George Washington Carver who arrived in 1896.  Carver’s innovations in agriculture, especially with peanuts, expanded Tuskegee’s standing throughout the country.  The story continues….

This house demonstrates how far Washington had come "Up From Slavery"
The Oaks - Booker T. Washington Home

Red brick three story Queen Anne Revival style house surrounded by a lush green lawn.

Tuskegee Student Made Bricks
If You Build It, They Will Come

Red Brick and Mortar wall section showing original bricks made by Tuskegee Institute students.

George W. Carver Museum at Tuskegee University
The Genius of George Washington Carver

George W. Carver Museum is a red brick structure with two entrances. White sign with name across the top with bust of Carver.between doors.

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Volunteer with TUIN

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Booker T. Washington Built Tuskegee on a Solid Brick Foundation
Booker T. Washington

Photograph of Booker T. Washington, First President of Tuskegee Institute (Tuskegee University)

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