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Educational Fee Waiver Basics

Timpanogos Cave National Monument is excited to be part of your school's continuing efforts towards excellence. The National Park Service has a strong tradition of education and we are proud to promote parks as classrooms. To assist local educators with their curriculum, Timpanogos Cave National Monument has a fee waiver program in place for educational or scientific institutions.

A limited number of educational fee waivers are available for the cave tour season. For the 2017 season we will only be able to accommodate 72 fee waiver tickets daily. Large groups may be divided and visit the caves over two days.

Notification of fee waiver acceptance will not begin until March. No scheduling information will be available before that time.

Fee Waiver Application Process

Visitor center construction will likely occur during the 2017 season, but final construction schedules have not been set. This will likely impact tour availability. Once the construction schedule is determined, we will do our best to accommodate as many requests as we can.

All applications for fee waivers are done online.

Following submission, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted in March as more information becomes available.

There may be a possibility for ranger-led presentations at Swinging Bridge Picnic Area, or a ranger visit to your classroom to talk about the cave. As you apply for fee waivers, please note if you would be interested in this option.

Applications educational fee waviver applications are all done online.

Important Fee Waiver Notices

  • All approved and paying groups are required to present completed School Group Organization Form(s), signed Student Conduct Rules form and verify that all chaperones have read the Chaperone Responsibilities form.
  • School tours are limited to groups of 16 and must have two adults for each tour group. Large groups will be divided into groups of 16 or less.
  • Educational fee waivers are not granted on holidays or on weekends.
  • A fee waiver may be revoked and a bill of collection sent to your school, if your group behaves inappropriately, or if the group's activities indicate that the primary purpose of the field trip was recreational rather than educational in nature

Group Rules and Safety

  • As your groups travels up and down the 1 1/2-mile cave trail we recommend that one adult is in the front of the group and one adult is at the end with the students in between. By staying within voice range of each other, group leaders can communicate the need to stop and adjust a pack strap, get a drink of water, or tie a shoe.
  • Please make sure your group knows that they are visiting a National Park site where everything is protected. This includes the rocks, flowers, leaves and wildlife. If they leave it where they find it, other groups that follow can have the same wonderful experience of discovering it themselves.
  • ROCKFALL can occur at any point on the trail. The areas of the greatest amount of rockfall are marked with a red stripe. Most of the time rockfall may be heard before it is seen. When rockfall is heard, immediately duck down on the inside of the trail, close to the wall, and cover your head with your hands and arms. Remember not to stop in the red striped areas.
  • RUNNING is extremely difficult for children to resist as they come down the trail, but running can lead to painful falls. Keep your group with you at all times as you walk down the trail and make sure students are watching where they are going.
  • SHORTCUTTING causes damage to the thin canyon soils and a loss of vegetation - often leaving noticeable scars for many years. It also causes rockfall that may injure visitors below.
  • ROCK THROWING is simply a DON'T! The trail winds steeply up the mountainside, and there are often hikers below you that you cannot see. Even very small rocks pick up enough velocity to severely injure any visitor, wildlife, or building they may strike.

Monument Conveniences

  • Restrooms are available at the visitor center and at the entrance of the caves.
  • Food is available at the snack bar located next to the visitor center. Students may eat on the cave trail but no food or drinks are allowed inside the cave system.
  • Picnic tables are available at Swinging Bridge picnic area and a few tables are available across from the visitor center.
  • A 20-minute Orientation video is shown on request at the visitor center.
  • The Western National Parks Association bookstore and the concession gift shop are open daily. A 20% discount is offered to teachers on book sales.
  • We consider the 1-1/2 mile trail to the caves to be a strenuous and difficult hike. Visitors gain over 1,092 feet elevation in that distance. The narrow cave trail is paved but rough with water bars and rain gutters. For everyone's safety, pets and wheeled vehicles (including wheelchairs and baby strollers) are not allowed on the trail. The visitor center, snack bar, and picnic areas are wheelchair accessible.

Who to Contact

For questions or comments about the fee waiver program please contact:

Sheila Hunt
801-756-5239 ext. 203

Annie Brantley
801-756-5239 ext. 212

Contact the visitor center at 801-756-5239 for general questions about the monument and the cave.

Last updated: March 13, 2017

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