When its Springtime in the Canyon

April 15, 2015 Posted by: BJ Cluff

 It's that time of year when spring settles in rather nicely at the Monument. As winter has waned, days lengthen and the tilt of the earth allows more sunlight in the canyon. Because American Fork Canyon is steep and narrow, there are winter months when the sun doesn't hit the canyon floor. It is always so exciting the first time that the sun briefly hits the cliffs above the admin office, and then as time passes, those sunbeams play their way down upon the office itself and the parking lot, then to the American Fork River. Now, as spring is definitely taking firm hold of the canyon, even the visitor center at the bottom of the north facing slope is starting to enjoy a few rays of sunlight. 

With the sun, more people are starting to return to the beauty of this place. For the runners and bicyclists who exercise here in the morning and evening, to those enjoying a drive up the canyon or a stroll on the Canyon Nature Trial, it is enjoyable to be in the canyon this time of year. Every weekend the canyon sees groups enjoying the Swinging Bridge Picnic Area. The pleasant rushing sounds of the American Fork River provide soothing background to the happy murmur of people talking over a fire or picnic table. Couple those sounds with the call of the songbirds singing their happy song, and it seems close to perfect. 

American Fork Canyon, the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, and Timpanogos Cave National Monument hold a special place in the hearts of many who live near here. The Canyon is a great place to visit no matter what the season, but in spring it just seems more alive. Although the cave doesn't open for another few weeks, it is good to see people enjoying the Monument's other features, as we witness the Canyon reawakening from her winter's rest. 

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