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When its Springtime in the Canyon

April 15, 2015 Posted by: BJ Cluff

It's that time of year when spring settles in nicely at the Monument. As winter has waned, days lengthen and the tilt of the earth allows more sunlight to hit the canyon floor. Despite the sometimes unsettled spring weather, its a great time to be in American Fork Canyon.


Out of many, One

October 06, 2014 Posted by: Annie Brantley

Visitor center ranger Annie muses about who we are, as park rangers and as Americans.


Intern at the park

June 11, 2014 Posted by: Morgann Stephens

What is it like to be a high school intern at Timpanogos Cave? Recent high school graduate Morgann Stephens writes about her experiences over the past year at Timpanogos Cave National Monument.


The Ultimate Spring Cleaning

May 01, 2014 Posted by: BJ Cluff

The closer we get to our Opening Day, the busier the flurry of activity here at The Monument. The step-by-step process that leads to the opening of the Monument is well worth the work it takes.


Winter Wildlife, or "Where the Wild Things Are"

March 06, 2014 Posted by: BJ Cluff

In the cooler months, wildlife sightings in the canyon are more frequent. Wild turkeys, moose, Big-horn sheep and others come out when the crowds are gone for the winter. Although I'm missing the warm summer months, the cooler temperatures lend themselves to other advantages.


Reflecting on "Reflections"

February 20, 2014 Posted by: BJ Cluff

Lately, I've been working on the interagency newspaper "Reflections". This allows canyon visitors to read articles about wildflowers, trails, and canyon volunteers, getting more information on what goes on up here in American Fork Canyon. Read more about the process it takes to produce this newspaper.


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